– About us –




Hello! We are the family Wiechering-Sudmann.


We live and work on the establishment Wiechering-Sudmann Holsteins in St. Hülfe.

To our family belong the two founders of the establishment, Lisa Wiechering and her husband Friedrich Wiechering. Their daughter Anke Wiechering-Sudmann and her husband Heinfried Sudmann with their sons Eike and Cedric Sudmann ans also Eike's wife Miriam.


Currently we cultivate 500ha and own 1000 dairy cows together. How we developed this much can be read in different histories about the establishment.


Our philosophy is: Only a healthy calf makes a healthy cow.




Anja Wischmann

Jakub Kolata

Michael Thies

Since 2015 Anja has cared conscientiously about the flock management and the health of every single cow. Her daughter Paula supports her very energetically.

Jakub is a member of our team since March 2018. His good mood leads to a radiant atmosphere in the whole milking team.

Michael has been responsible for the breeding of the calfs since 2011-you could say, everything started with him. Besides that, Michael is a skilled carpenter, what makes him kind of an "all-round talent", which we do not want to miss.


Bogumit Krzmien

Andreas Klausing

Zygmunt (Siggi) Sakowski

Bogumit has reinforced our team since 2016. He looks after all accruing work in the sheds.

We like to call Andreas "the ruler of  the biogas plant". As a skilled chemist, installer and heating engineer he is not only familiar with every kind of bacteria, also with every kind of screw.

Since 2011 Siggi has been in action for any work on the yard and in the sheds relentlessly.

Grzegorz Kolakowski

Pawel Badaczewski

Piotr Arnista

Grzegorz` employment in 2013 brought so much joy into the milking parlour. Furthermore he cares about accruing work in the sheds.

The constantly smiling and positive Pawel is part of our company since January 2019. Barn and farm work as well as the care of our calves are part of Pawel working routine.

Piotr is  a very friendly young men whose tasks are yard and barn work and milking.

Jolanta (Jola) Narewski

Janusz (Janek) Narewski

Miroslaw (Mirek) Borowski

Jola and Jannek have worked on our establishment since 2013. Jola mainly works at the milking parlour...

(see right)

...and Jannek in the sheds. Privately they spend much time in their own vegetable garden and with the pigeon breeding.

Mirek has been on our establishment for more than 20 years. That makes him the employee, who works here for the longest time. He is responsible for the feeding and the claw care of our animals.

Heiner Schäfer

Thorsten Möller

Our tom  "Leo"

Since 2007 Heiner has cared about every repair on our establishment. Heiner (we like to call him "gearhead") is able to repair everything!

Thorsten works for us since 1st October 2019. He is mainly responsible for foreign trade and feeding with a self propelling chair. As a skilled employee in agriculture he is well appreciated.

Leo, the tom of yard and office.

Mainly responsible for rodent control, besides for controlling our office.

Kamil Kolakowski

Ionut-Bogdan Calin

Valentina Calin

Kamil is with us since February 2017. His calm character is liked by everyone of our yard, especially by our cows.

Since November 2016 Ionut has been a big help for us in calf breeding, yard and shed work.

Since September 2019 Iounts Miss Valentina supports our milker-team.

Matheusz Szkaradzinski

Nicolae "Nico" Frigli

Michal Malz

Matheusz is responsible for all kinds of milking and barn work since January 2019. He is a really friendly, young man who never gets ruffled.

Nicolae, called Nico, is from Rumania and part of our team of caring for animals since November 2018.

Michal has recently joined us in September 2019 and improves our milker team.

Daniela Neamtu

Daniela cares for „creature comforts“. She enriches our household with a friendly and cheerful nature.






construction of the exercise pen


Back then it was just the family Wiechering-Sudmann and one apprentice.

70 berths of livestock; 55 dairy cows on 60ha -no possibility to grow at all

since 1990 lease




new construction of the old parts

to 130 berths of livestock

lease of the establishment of Mariechen and Karl Gerdes


occupation of the

1st part-time worker


alteration and

annex building

alteration of the resident

occupation of the 2nd part-time worker


new construction of

the young cattle and calf shed



of the 1st permanent employee


new construction of the exercise pen with 150 berths of livestock



rotary milking parlour with 32 places

calm milking of 150 dairy cows at the same time possible

 introduction of the milking three times a day

lease of the yard spot Hillmann (180 places)

occupation of the 2nd permanent employee, 2nd apprentice, 3rd part-time worker



lease of another establishment


lease of a dairy farm in Brandenburg


of a 3rd permanent employee

of a 4th part-time worker


also occupation of a 4th permanent employee

new construction 250 moorages


alteration of the pig fattening shed

for the young cattle

new construction of the "calfs` village" (150 places)

65kw photovoltaics



expansion of the social environment

apartments for the apprentices

occupation of the 6th permanent worker

outsourcing of young cattle (200 animals)

constructions of a 90kw photovoltaic installation


new construction of  the machine hall

also occupation of the 5th permanent employee


new construction of the exercise pen (500 places)


construction of a 515kw biogas plant

new construction of the exercise pen (500 places)

also: occupation of the 8th and the 9th permanent worker

also occupation of the 10./11. permanent employee (the 12th: especially for the biogas plant)



of the 13th permanent employee (flock manager)



of the 14th permanent employee, two part-time workers


silo expansion


expansion of the silo

around 6.000 m²


components building



expansion of the biogas plant

around 549 kilowatts


Development of the company

extension of biogas plants with two container


new construction

manager house